White Quartz Kitchen Countertops Cost

White Quartz Kitchen Countertops Design

White quartz kitchen countertops are a durable and elegant alternative for kitchen or bathroom countertops, but it is also more expensive than any other countertop option. White quartz countertops are duller and harder than any other bench surface. The cost is comparable to more advanced granite. Quartz begins at about $ 45 a linear foot uninstalls and can drive as much as $ 125 per foot completely installed. In comparison, laminate starts at about $ 29 a foot installed.

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Characteristics white quartz kitchen countertops must have a quartz content of 93 percent called quartz. They are sometimes called engineered quartz because quartz does not come in large pieces like granite and must be crushed, mixed with polymers and pigments, then formed. All color and edge finish of quartz priced identical from the manufacturer.

There are many advantages to white quartz kitchen countertops. They are the hardest available worktop surfaces and are extremely durable. Quartz does not burst or break. Its surface is completely solid and does not need seals to hold out water and bacteria. It’s as good as stains for free. On the negative side, it’s the heaviest countertop, it cannot handle hot pots without paneling. And there are no quartz-integrated sinks.

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