White Marble Kitchen Countertops Backsplash

Perfect White Marble Kitchen Countertops

A white marble kitchen countertops and backsplash give a kitchen or bathroom a timeless, natural quality. Marble is also extremely dense, making it strong and prolonged. If you have a marble tile ready to install, attach it to the wall with mortar. It is also important to seal the seams around the backsplash to prevent water from swiping behind it and damaging the walls.

How to attach white marble kitchen countertops; wash the wall where the backsplash will be installed with detergent and hot water. Set backsplash where it will install and track along the top edge with a pen to make a disposition. Remove backsplash. Sand backsplash contour on wall with 80-slip paper to roughen the surface. This is an important step for proper mortar adhesion. Then apply a thin layer of latex-modified thin-walled mortar on the wall in the area between the countertop and the pencil line, using a toothbrush. The toothed filler will rub up layers of mortar, which gives a better adhesion of tiles.

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Then place 1/8-inch distances on top of the worktop, against the wall where they will sit under backsplash. Place the distances every 12 to 16 inches apart. Distances will allow a small gap between the backsplash and the white marble kitchen countertops, allowing you to tightly seal and prevent later friction due to natural structural movements. Set backsplash on top of spacers and push it into mortar.

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