White Kitchen Island Ideas

Classic White Kitchen Island

White kitchen island – Bead on board installed on the kitchen island generates the space for creating an inviting display. It can be incorporated throughout the island or added as small accents to give an explosion of fantasies to the room. Versatile pearl onboard planks – ranging from narrow to wide – accommodate both small and large kitchen islands. Inexpensive, it can be found at the construction store to keep costs down.


Improve the cooking island by adding pearl aboard the outside of the island. Create a focal point in large; eat in the kitchen using wide pearl onboard planks. Cover the entire center of the island to create the design. For the white kitchen island with built-in cupboards, align the inside of each cupboard with a pearl on board. Paint the pearl board a light blue or yellow to add color and vibrancy to the design. Each time you open the cabinet, you will be welcomed with an explosion of color.

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Improve the white kitchen island pearl on board with a fresh layer of color. Repeat colors found in nearby kitchen accessories such as curtains or towels to create a cohesive design. Whimsical patterns like stripes or slats form a happy, unexpected touch to the kitchen island. Use the board color on the kitchen pearl on board to write lists or as a place for the children to draw and play. Add a clear coat of magnetic paint across the board island to create a space for hanging pictures or images. Darker pearl aboard with an oak or mahogany bite. The deep brown and rich shades of a stain create a dramatic display on the island.

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