Wheelchair Stair Climber Ideas

Wheelchair Stair Climber Blue

Wheelchair stair climber is suitable as an indoor wheelchair as it can turn corners easily and still be balanced. This seat is not suitable for very outdoor use or to move up or down.

Rear-wheel drive

This wheelchair stair climber is maybe not so good at turning the center-wheel drive, but it’s good to go up and down because of an anti-tip feature that ensures that riders will not fall back. This is also the fastest and most common wheelchair. Wheelchair stair climber is the heavy electric wheelchair wider and can accommodate up to 650 pounds. Those who are worried about their weight do not have to feel unstable or insecure when using a heavy wheelchair stair climber.

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Folding and travel

These two types are wheelchair stair climber. The seats, arms and legs can also be adjusted for the comfort of the folding wheelchair. The folding wheelchair stair climber is also good for those who are looking a lot like it can withstand many outdoor activities. Travel wheelchair is lightweight and can fit in the trunk of a car or carried on an airplane. Travel wheelchair is intended only for travel and not for everyday use. There are several high quality brands that make the above type of wheelchair stair climber. Wheelchair stair climber when you look into the type and brand names, speak with a doctor to figure out the best fit for you.

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