What’s The Deal With Door Panel Curtains?

Door Panel Curtains And Rods

Door panel curtains are everywhere. Take a look at the home decorating magazine and you will find a grommet curtain panel. There are many fabrics, patterns, colors and lengths to choose from. They are not new ideas, so what gives? First, what exactly is grommet? Grommets are used to describe the top of the panel. Grommets are reinforced holes made of plastic or metal that is passed through decorative rods.

Door panel curtains slips easily along the decorative rod and falls into a clean, neat fold. Ideal for French doors, sliding doors, or windows where you want the flexibility of open and close the panel. A few years ago, the grommet curtain panel was not so easy to find. Someone should have it made special or try to make it yourself using a grommet machine. But today there are many sources of grommet curtain panels. Not only the curtain stores that sell them, but also other retailers such as beds, shower outlets, department stores, warehouse stores, and the list goes on. Here’s the catch, not all grommets are created equal.

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There is a big difference in quality and workmanship. It’s true that you can get door panel curtains this for $ 10; I see some today when I shop, but you really get what you pay for. Buyer Beware! Whatever your budget, there is a grommet curtain for you. Grommet curtain panels can be used for almost any application. They are good for sliding doors, French doors, large windows, small windows, picture windows, and the list goes on.

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