What Do You Think About Long Sofa Table?

Classic Long Sofa Table

Wood is still present in this long sofa table option. However, far from having a defined shape, we are going to focus on auxiliary tables made with logs . Yes, with logs. It does not matter that you sand them or paint them, but if you leave them with their original shape, you will have a different side table with an incredible natural touch.

We love the long sofa table made with recycled cable coils . The biggest ones are not easily found, but if you have the opportunity to get one, do not lose it. As you can see in the images, the resulting pieces are great for environments from rustic to Nordic. Drop them and paint them and if you want, add a crystal so that its surface can be used better.

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It’s been a while since we started seeing it, and the truth is that we love it. The cement blocks sneak into the houses, and this time to create auxiliary tables. From large tables for living room to small and long sofa table. Combine this material with glass or wood, depending on the type of decoration that prevails in your home, and the use you want to give it.

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