Vinyl Plank Stair Treads: Ideal For Any Decorations

Interior Vinyl Plank Stair Treads

Vinyl plank stair treads – Stairs are architectural elements designed to save important slopes in a dwelling, climbing from one floor to another for example. There are, as you know, many types of stairs and truth is that by their form and geometry they constitute an ornamental element by themselves, besides logically of main practical use that they have. But of course a ladder is usually designed and built with house and after passage of years its design may be obsolete and need a little touch to make it interesting again.

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Vinyl plank stair treads are formed by footprint and riser is called footprint to part where we step and rises to vertical frontal area located under footprint. We can decorate both parts of staircase but as you will see in images decoration of risers predominates. And this for several reasons first is that they give more play and admit more types of decoration because they do not suffer just physical wear.

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Instead footprints, part where we step, must be safe and are subject to constant wear. As you can see vinyl plank stair treads admit any type of decoration, so we can paint them of a single color, paint rises of different colors or both parts at same time forming a complete design that continues on both sides of staircase.