Very Simple Cleaning Round Glass Coffee Table

Danish Round Glass Coffee Table

Cleaning round glass coffee table is a daily task that can be a bit overwhelming because they are easily marked by just putting your hand, leaving a glass, etc. In any case, they are so beautiful that it is worth making a small effort to show them off in our dining room. If you are a fan of this kind of tables, today, we will share with you some infallible and very simple homemade tricks to clean glass tables

It is clear that in market you will find a lot of chemical products to clean round glass coffee table.  In case you decide for this option, remember that it is important to use a cloth that does not leave any fluff. It will also be very good to use newspaper because it drags dirt and leaves no marks. In case you want to use more natural, homemade and inexpensive products, there are two products very suitable for cleaning glass: alcohol and vinegar.

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Vinegar has advantage that it is accessible, practical, does not generate allergies, is not toxic and you do not need gloves to use it since it does not damage skin. Vinegar dilutes dirt and does so without damaging round glass coffee table surfaces. To make a glass cleaner with vinegar you only need an empty container with spray and mix a cup of water and another of vinegar. Then spray directly on glass and wipe dry and a lint-free cloth.

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