Various Homecoming Mums Ideas

High School Homecoming Mums Ideas

Homecoming mums ideas vary a lot that will definitely give a different impression or accent. You can actually make one out of those ideas by yourself with just the help of several things. One of the ideas is the bear theme. In making the bear mums you will have to buy a pair of two large sized mums having at least 6 inches of the diameter along with 7 pieces of 1 1/2 inches mums in diameter. It should be backed up by using 12 by 5 inches large backing. Those are the main materials that you need in order to make a nice looking bear for the homecoming mums.

Picture Frame Homecoming Mums Ideas

Another one of the common homecoming mums ideas is the use of picture frame. In creating the picture frame mums you will need one piece of large circular backing to support the whole mums. In creating the frame several 4 inches mums in diameter are needed. Just be sure to think about how many that you are really need. Once you have prepared the main materials then you will have to find the right pictures for the mums to make it even better looking and more personal.

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Creative Homecoming Mum Ideas of Hearts and Flowers

One more of the idea for the homecoming mums is the hearts and flowers theme. As the backing for this particular themed mum you will have to buy a circular backing in 6 inches of the diameter. The backing will be used to create the hear shape. Another needed material is three pieces of large silk white mums having the diameter in between 6 and 12 inches. You will also need about 18 pieces of mums in 1 1/2 inches diameter. The finishing touch will be using small flowers in just the right needed amount that will be placed on the mum using glue to finish this particular idea.

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