Under Stairs Dog House Design Ideas

Under Stairs Dog House Style

Under stairs dog house – If like so many other homes, you’re bursting at the seams with people and accumulated possessions, it is important to make every square centimeter of your home count. One way to create additional storage or living space is to use the space under your stairs. Whether you use the extra space for storage or living space, you will increase the value of your home.

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Pamper your pet with a dedicated dog or cat room. An under stairs dog house nook is a smart place to keep your pet beds, toys, blanket and supplies out of the way for people. You can set this area as a small eupatorium, complete with several reptiles, their thoughts and heat lamps. This way the children can enjoy their pets and mother can avoid them by simply closing the door.

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Beside build under stairs dog house, a major project, but worth the time and effort, is to install a large aquarium on a platform or table inside an enclosed closet, and cut a viewing window in the wall so that the aquarium seems built. You can go through the closet door to take care of the fish.

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