Types Of Patio Door Locks

Patio Door Locks Types

Patio Door Locks – In many modern homes there is often a terrace built adjacent to the house and connected by a sliding glass door. This door gives easy access to the terrace from home and vice versa. They also provide beautiful views to the backyard and other beautiful scenery from your home. While there are many advantages to installing doors to the terrace, which are primarily tied to style and comfort for homeowners, there are also some concerns surrounding the use of patio doors.

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This is very alarming with patio door locks used to provide extra security against thieves trying to break into homes via patio doors with keys that are not well equipped. The biggest concern is mostly that the sliding path on the door will slip and will allow the intruder to enter the house. Some choices in this situation to change the patio doors lock themselves away and make changes to the doors. This method works well but sacrifices the remaining guarantees on the door if anything happens.

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Others may choose to purchase additional patio door locks that come with an alarm that will sound when there is an unusual movement detected by the sliding glass door. This method does not sacrifice warranty coverage but often ends up with a larger cost in actual investment.