Types Glass Stair Railing

Glass Stair Railing Safety

Glass stair railing – Regardless of where your rack will sit, inside or outside, with or without poles, we have the solution. We offer a wide range of stainless steel railings. Glass Railing and wire railing, with a focus on both design and safety. To our railings are a great opportunity to develop precisely based on your circumstances and how you want it to look like. What should you consider? Besides being a nice detail to be a glass stair railing also prevent accidents. According to the Building Regulations have handrails installed to heights of over half a meter. When building a railing are also requirements for the design.

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Glass stair railing poles

Our glass railings consist of exclusive stainless steel poles, round or square, these are small elegant clamps that hold the glass in place. The glass is like a standard 8.76 mm safety glass with polished edges, but we also deliver 10.76 mm thick. Safety glass is a laminated glass that is two glass with a plastic sheet in between which has been compressed into a single unit, this means that when a crush injury keeps plastic foil glass pieces in place.

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To our glass stair railing can choose if you want to have a supervisor or just a free glass edge. Our tutors are available in stainless steel, oak, ash, walnut, larch and pine. The attachment of the railing is made either on top of the existing floor or vertically on the slab edge.

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