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Wine Glasses Set

Wine glasses have a way to be a collection, whether it is because of the colorful glass, crystal cutting patterns or forms. Rather than leave them hidden on a kitchen shelf, bring them out and show them. Just like all of your other collections, this deserves to be seen. Since there are several methods for viewing; choose the method that suits you best, or combine multiple screens in different rooms to create a unified theme.

Choose different colored glasses. Place them in the middle of the kitchen table as a centerpiece. Use Riser-like those spices to add height. Fill them with small candies or scented potpourri. Place a mirror tile in the middle of the table. Add an old wine bottle with a taper candle on top. Surround it with crystal wine glasses. Light the candle and watch the reflections in the crystal and mirror.

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Show wine glasses in an open shelf. Replace the panels on risers, with others in front. Group glass by color. Shine a bright accent to the glass to highlight them. Install a wine glass holder in your cupboard or on the underside of a shelf. Hang the wine glasses upside down with stems in a wire hanger. Apply a string of colored lights to display. Use wine glasses as a small vase display. Group several together on a side table. Place the nuts, shells, candy, and bright flower petals inside.

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