To Tack Vinyl Stair Treads

Decorative Vinyl Stair Treads

Vinyl stair treads – If you have a set of stairs and the tree is damaged, why not put some wires on it. This can be done in 3 very simple steps. When these are on, you never have to worry about ruining the wood.

First to tack vinyl stair treads, you need to measure the width of the stairs and find the middle of the staircase. You can do this by taking the full length of the staircase, subtract the size of the stair tread and then divide your remaining second. This will give you the amount of space on each side of the tread.

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Once you get it perfectly centered, you can staple, tack or nail it down the stairs, but be very gentle to ensure that you do not crack the wood. I prefer to use a staple gun to make life a little easier. If you are using staples so be sure to press them in with a hammer at the end, so they are not visible to the naked eye. When your stapling vinyl stair treads sure to put on short in every corner, and if you want it safer out on the middle of each edge as well. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each staircase.

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