Tips Cleaning Upside Down Wine Glass

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Upside Down Wine Glass – The wine glasses are beautiful and often very delicate. If yours are made of glass, you will not be able to wash them in the dishwasher like the ordinary glasses and will require extra special care. This article will explain some different ways of cleaning wine glasses and how to remove difficult stains. Hold the glass carefully by the chalice, not by the stem. Consider that the stem is fragile and that the cup could easily break if you hold it.

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Instead, place your hand around both sides of the bottom of the chalice with your fingers. Rinse the cups with water between warm and warm. Keep in mind that if the water is too hot for you, it probably is too hot for the upside down wine glass and the water can break the glass if it is too hot. Sometimes this will be all you need to do to clean the glass. Clean the cup with a long-handled sponge. Avoid putting your hand in the cup or you will risk breaking it.

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Instead, find a soft sponge with a long plastic handle. Concentrate your cleaning upside down wine glass on the parts that are dirtier, like the edge, the bottom of the chalice and the outside of this. If necessary, use a mild dish detergent with no aroma. Usually, a simple rinse and a gentle soak with a soft sponge will be all you need to clean the wine glass.

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