The Best Types Of Quartz Countertops

Types Of Quartz Countertops Design

Types of quartz countertops – The kitchen table is the aesthetic, functional and sometimes social core of the kitchen. Costs ranging from $ 20 to the base level laminate to $ 200 per square foot for stonework such as granite or marble can also be one of the most expensive components in the room. With excellent durability, extraordinary appearance and easy care. And quartz table tops are fast becoming a top choice in new construction and renovation of homes.

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How do types of quartz countertops differ from granite? Quartz, like granite, marble and sandstone, is a natural stone quarry from the earth. The difference is that in nature, granite composed of several different materials, including quartz, feldspar and mica. Then for this composition of tougher and softer minerals is what gives granite its porosity and necessitates closure of granite countertops in normal use. Then quartz, as it extracted from the earth, is only quartz and is almost as hard as diamond. Quartz table tops are made of 93% quartz and 7% resin binders and pigments. This combination of natural quartz and resin gives a surface that is completely non-porous and even harder than granite.

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The same patented process mixes pure quartz stone with resin and pigment to produce types of quartz countertops used by all leading manufacturers. The differences in quartz table tops are based on colors, details and delivery programs offered by each manufacturer.