The Best Small Wine Refrigerator Dual Zone

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Wine Refrigerator Dual Zone Evolution

Wine refrigerator dual zone – Dual wine refrigerators are perfect for those who like to keep a stash of both red and white wine. The optimum temperature for the storage and drink red wine is 10 to 17.8 degrees Celsius, while most whites should be administered at 41 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit to appreciate their taste. Dual zone coolers allow you to save time and space while storing both wines at the same location.

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Avanti has an environmentally friendly wine cooler called Avanti EWC18DZ wine refrigerator dual zone. The refrigerator is on the smaller side, and holding time of 18 bottles in the two zones. The Avanti EWC18DZ wine cooler is a thermoelectric that exploits the pettier effect as a cooling mechanism. A thermoelectric wine cooler does not require a coolant, which must be placed at the end of life of the refrigerator, making it environmentally friendly.

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A built-in wine cooler fits into a particular space in your kitchen. Avanti has a wine refrigerator dual zone, which store 46 bottles of red and white wine. Thirty-two cylinders fit in the upper zone, while 14 fits into the lower zone. The door is glass, so you can admire your bottles. It is also reversible, so it opens in the space you choose. The cabinet is a standard 15 inches long.

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