The Antique Murphy Bed

Murphy Bed Office

Antique Murphy bed is a particular type of bed having a capability to be folded right into a cabinet at the time the bed is not in use. This particular type of bed has been in use since the 1900s at the time a man named William L. Murphy created and registered the mechanism pattern of the bed. His name also used as the name of this particular bed as well. It is said that the original idea of this particular was found by Murphy when he needs to entertain his guests on his small sized apartment. The popularity of this bed was rising among people having small sized apartment who need extra spaces.

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Space Effective Antique Murphy Bed

The need of such space effective furniture is even higher today. The available living space is now getting much more limited that people always look for space effective furniture pieces. The use of Murphy bed is very much suitable for today’s need of people for a more effective living space. The fact that the Murphy bed do not have many ornaments is also makes it suitable for today’s modern interior design which is emphasizing functionality and simplicity.

Authentic Murphy Bed Antique for Sale

Today, the Murphy bed is one great piece of furniture offering both a classic look and a space saving alternative. It could even goes well with today’s contemporary design which is very popular. One important thing to remember to buy the authentic Murphy bed is that the bed should not be dated before 1900. The pattern is legalized in the 1900s so that if you find any Murphy bed dated before that year it cannot be called a Murphy bed. You could easily find one of the classic looking Murphy bed it today on many antique stores everywhere.

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