Stunning Modern Side Tables

Mirrored Modern Side Tables

Modern side tables are usually a piece of furniture multitasking that can achieve much with very little. Storage , magazine racks, drawers, shelves, hidden seats or trunk even have built-in poufs are all possibilities you can find, but you should think, what will be its impact on the decoration of your home and how it is used? This table comes with a lot of extras, so choose carefully.

Starting from the concept of modern side tables, these two pieces present the same design, although a different volume, being one larger than the other. The lines that intermingle forming the legs allow us to introduce them under the sofa and bring it closer to this as we need it. A fresh but elegant touch that is worth two.

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Finally, we say goodbye with this modern side tables table that without legs seems to orbit on the floor of our living room with its prism shape. However, a board takes off from the base, rising above it and allowing more comfort to leave the cup of coffee, the magazine or the control of the TV. What do you think about these tables? We hope you will be inspired and that some of them have given you the perfect idea to set up and furnish your room.

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