Storing Wine In Sub Zero Wine Refrigerator

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Storing Wine In Sub Zero Wine Refrigerator – Many people love to enjoy a glass of wine here and there. But if you find yourself with more wine bottles than you know what to do with, you may want to invest in finding a place to store them. Having a wine cellar would be ideal, but not everyone has the space or money to build one. It’s also hard to find a room that will be the perfect temperature. Thankfully you have another option; sub zero wine refrigerators.

Sub zero wine refrigerator can also control humidity, which is what you want for long-term storage. Humidity is ideally 70 percent or higher for storage of any kind. To correctly place your wine bottles into your sub zero appliance, the bottle should be laid on its side. This keeps the cork from drying out and possibly letting air into the wine. Keep like wine together. Some storage units have multiple zones with various humidity for different types of wine. This is a valuable investment if you are going to carry white, red and sparkling wine.

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When storing wine long term in sub zero wine refrigerator, you’ll want your storage unit set to about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Do realize though that wine stored in a refrigerated condition will not age. The nice thing about storing them this way is that when you are ready to serve them, you can easily change the temperature to suit your needs depending on what kind of wine you are serving. Light red wines are perfect to serve at 55 degrees, rose and dry white wines between 46-57 degrees. Sparkling wine and champagne tastes best a little lower at 43-47 degrees.

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