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Elegant Stair Railing

Stair Railing – For those lucky enough to live in a duplex, loft, villa or single-family home with several floors. today we propose a very special way to give a touch of design to your staircase: focus on  handrail . Usually forgotten element in design of stairs. Latest trends offer us modern and avant-garde handrails that will make our staircase look spectacular.

Stair railing is one of defining elements of a ladder. Usual thing is that it consists of a handrail more or less conventional that is supported both at ends. And along ladder by several vertical bars. Although there are some who do not like them, as with some flying stairs. They are usually always present, even if it is only a form of parking. Especially if ladder sections have a certain height. It is therefore an element not only aesthetic but practical,.

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We have already commented on more than one occasion how light. Wherever it is use, decorates by itself any space. And illumination of stairs would not be an exception. Designs of backlit stair railing give a very dynamic character to this space. Obtaining a perfect indirect light for its route. Acting additionally like light of orientation that marks way. Backlighting a handrail is simple. One option is to flush them into walls, whether these are made of wood, stone or smooth walls, placing light strips in holes left for purpose.

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