Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks Under Granite

Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Stainless steel kitchen sinks – Using a sink template as a guide, granite worktops manufacturers cut custom holes for the sink and polish the edge of the hole until the edge surface matches the countertop. To form a drip edge, the hole slightly overhangs the stainless steel sink basin.


Cover a solid surface with rags and put the granite on the rags with their finished side down. Place the stainless steel kitchen sinks unit on the back of the granite. Center the mold over the sink of the sink and mark the mounting bracket s hole with a pen. Remove the template. Drill a half-inch deep hole on the back of granite at each pencil marker, if necessary, with a drill equipped with a 3/8 inch masonry drill. Sometimes a granite countertop manufacturer can pre-drill mounting screw holes when cutting and polishing the sink’s hole.

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Clean the granite unfinished side with a cloth. Remove all of dust and debris. Fill each 3/8 inch wide hole halfway through epoxy and press disk fast mounting female cutters into the hole. The threaded end of the female effort must meet. Allow the epoxy to dry before proceeding. Run a 1/4 inch wide strand of silicone sealant around the granite’s sink opening. Keep the bead within 1/2 inch of the opening. Screw the male part of the stainless steel kitchen sinks unit into the female cutters. Finger sharpening each bracket.

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