Space Solution With Over The Door Shower Caddy

Polished Brass Over The Door Shower Caddy

By popular request, I leave you with this over the door shower caddy that will help you gain storage space if you have a small bathroom. The lack of space often has more to do with that we do not know how to make good use of the gaps in the size of the room. If you are lucky enough to have a ledge inside the shower to leave the gels and others you have a treasure! Instead of supporting the boats on the shelf, place a piece of furniture with several heights to gain storage.

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You can store gels, shampoos, sponges, but also towels, bath salts, and candles on the over the door shower caddy. Keep in mind the space you leave between the cabinet and the shower faucet. If it is not much, the furniture should be made of plastic or a water-resistant material. And the towels must be covered or hidden so they do not get wet!

If you are not so lucky to have a shelf in the bathtub we have an alternative for you. Buy a pair of suction cups for the shower and hang them a basket or bag. Keep the boats, sponges or toys of the kids there. If you put it high enough you can also use the adhesive hooks. You can buy them in any bazaar, and they hold enough weight as long as you do not wet them too much. You can also hang the baskets from the over the door shower caddy.

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