Smart Motorized Stair Lift System

Interior Motorized Stair Lift

Motorized stair lift – When legs fail, and stairs are too long, is a chair lift or a stair lift is a great solution. With a lift on stairs need not move from home they love possibilities are many and can be installed in private homes, senior centers, schools, museums and shops, even in garbage room, where heavy lifting may occur etc. Stair Lift also called chair lift is a chair with a motor device running on a rail mounted on stairs or wall. There are indoor and outdoor models.

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lift can be used for passenger transport, but also for other transport, laundry, groceries and like. Motorized stair lift is very suitable for older people or people with physical disabilities. We install lifts on straight staircases or staircases with turns, on landings, spiral staircases etc. There is no need for alterations, and installation usually takes only a few hours.

Are there several floors, is a home elevator may be solution. There are two solutions: an inside or an outside solution. Handicapped people and elderly people, but also wheelchair users will have great joy and usefulness of a home elevator. Access platforms provide especially disabled and wheelchair users, but also prams easy access to public buildings, shops and other places where a level difference – large or small – is an obstacle. Motorized stair lift can also be mounted on straight as well as curved stairs.

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