Small Bar Table With Acrylic Coating

Small Bar Table Awesome

Small bar table also known as pub tables are simple furniture built to withstand heavy use and repeated wet surface. Coated with clear epoxy, the bar table was a little higher than a standard table, usually a common functional type of sturdy wood. Making a homemade bar table is not difficult, and in the end you will have a small bar table that you can use in your home bar – and you do not have to worry about damaging it for the fun.


Saw plywood with a slow, even movement as the top of plywood veneer does not shatter during cutting. Cut two sections of 2×4 four meters long. Cut two sections 3 meters long. Cut the last piece that is 32 inches long. Sand edges of 2x4s, as well as the edges, top and bottom of the plywood, until all are smooth and shatterproof.

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Stain all the wood pieces, including the legs, if desired. Constructing the table frame by bolting together 2×4 sections so the 4-foot pieces forming the sides, with 3-foot pieces between them at each end. Screw the plywood top of the frame by screwing down the frame by plywood. Take your time and drive screws evenly.

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Use three screws at each end and center support, and four on each side, evenly spaced. Sink the screws so they do not stick out of the wood. Touch up any areas stain vitiated if you painted tableware pieces. Attach the legs of the frame at the bottom with the small bar table leg brackets. Set the posts at the corners, and put them with the hardware that comes with the set.