Size Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Modern Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Single bowl kitchen sink – This size provides plenty of room for washing and shaving in the sink, and it also leaves plenty of room in the bathroom to move around. If you want a bigger bowl, choose a sink that is 24 inches wide or wider, but make sure you have space in the bathroom to install it. Measure the installation area to see what type of impact this width has on your bathroom before choosing a wider pedestal sink. If your bathroom is very small, stick to the smaller size pedestal sink. It will free up more space in the bathroom.

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The width (distance from the front to the back of the bowl) of single bowl kitchen sink is a greater consideration. The width is the area the base protrudes from the wall. When measuring the space, measure the wall to the height of the sink, and then take a wide measurement to determine how far the sink extends into the bathroom. This helps to determine the best location for pedestal sinking, and gives you an idea of ​​how much a sink to buy. Most pedestal handles vary in width sizes from 18 to 20 inches.

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Crane mounting holes

Crane mounting holes on top of the single bowl kitchen sink counter action in different configurations. The most common configuration is a center set. In this configuration, each crane sits 4 inches apart at the center or from the center of adjacent holes. A widespread configuration has holes mounted 8 inches apart in the middle. Each configuration matches a certain type of crane. Choosing which one to buy is quite simple. If you have a center-mounted crane, order a center in pedestal sink. If you have a widened crane, order a widespread pedestal sink.