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Pergola definition – for your interesting outdoor living in your home, you should have the good idea and best design that you apply in your outdoor living. To have the interesting outdoor living, you should have the good consideration anyway and you will have the good option with pergola. Installing the pergola in your outdoor living will be a good idea, and before you have and apply it, you should know the pergola definition. Here are some simple ideas about pergola definition.

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Knowing pergola definition will be the good choice to have anyway for your outdoor living area. Here you should know as well pergola definition that will make you sure to have this item and feature in your outdoor living. As the pergola definition from the dictionary, we have the simple definition of pergola; an archway in a garden or park consisting of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants.

Thus, it means that a pergola is a framework that covers your outdoor living area. Sometime it is also covered with the trained climbing or trailing plants to add the beauty and aesthetical look of your outdoor living such as your deck or your outdoor patio. To have the good look of the outdoor pergola, adding the interesting look of it with best color and design is the part of beautify your outdoor living. After knowing the pergola definition, it will be good as well for you to see the photos here.

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