Simple And Original Tree Stump Table

Garden Tree Stump Table

Tree stump table allows presence of nature in home as a decorative element. options are endless and will depend on your creativity and inspiration. Proposals designed with trunks generate a lot of positive emotions and adapt to style; rustic, Scandinavian, rural, tropical, eclectic and sneaks very well in modern with its airs. Many times we see on internet incrible tables made with trunks of trees and that seem impossible to do for ourselves, but there are designs that we can make ourselves without having too many tools.

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Nature offers us infinity of materials to create creative objects for decoration of our home and in this case we will mention tables made with tree trunks, simple but original tree stump table and with our personal stamp, we can have at home a unique piece of furniture that nobody more will. Tables in combinations with transversely placed trunks, vertical trunks joined with ropes or strings, compositions of branches or cut thick branches and make a composition with several of them at different heights.

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Many times we discard using waste wood and we can recover much of it, an example is wooden beams of old buildings that have demolished. stumps with another option to be creative, large tree stump table for tea tables, small stumps making combinations, high stumps, low, etc. Something quite creative is to make your pet a little table or corner for him, from feeders to scrapers for cats.