Simple And Easy Staircase Decorating Ideas

Stair Decorating Ideas

Staircase decorating ideas are so many which unfortunately many people might just leave their staircase in plain or original color without even having a thought of beautifying it using the ideas. The easiest way to beautify the look of your home staircase is by playing with colors. One example is to paint the staircase in black and white color to create such bold contrast of the staircase. Although it is just a simple black and white color, it is certainly better than the plain color of the staircase itself.

Lettering and Numbering of Staircase Decorating Ideas

Another one of the easy staircase decorating ideas is to deal with letters and numbers. Aside of playing with different colors combinations to really change the look of the staircase, you can add letters or numbers on the staircase for a more unique look. One example is to simply place one number on each of the risers. Start by the number 1 then you can go up the ladder in the following numbers. Moreover you can change the numbers into letters of the alphabet starting from A as well. Colors combinations are also important in here as well. You can go for a colorful option or a monotonous style as well.

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Staircase Wall Ideas

Aside of dealing with the risers of the staircase, you can also deal with the side wall as well just in case that your staircase has one side of wall. The most common idea is to hang framed pictures all over the wall. You can go for a more organized way by using the same sized and same colored frames or you can go for a more creative way by combining different size and shape frames. Otherwise you can be artistic by placing such paintings instead of photos on the wall. Those are some of the many easy ideas that you can do to beautify your staircase.

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