Safety And Ideal Chicken Coop Door

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Chicken Coop Door Wood

Chicken coop door – rear access door is also a great place to mount power supplies so that you can reach easily with door open. If you use pressure-treated wood to do coop – and it may be your only option if you live in a humid climate – then you should at least paint inside completely. This type of timber can be toxic to animals.

Although you may embrace concept of “free range” for hens, may actually have to be a little “different. Usually there are predators of some kind about a free lunch own. Attacks can come from ground and from air. So you might need to consider one chicken coop door to keep out Mr Fox.

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There is no fixed rule for size of chicken coop necessary, although some experts claim that 4 square meters per bird is minimal. hens will soon let you know if it is too small, by choosing fights with each other and generally acting in an excited and not as it should. Just do as much as you can afford, in terms of both space and money. Choose chicken coop door wire 2 inches to walls (and higher if you have threats from sky). Bury walls of at least 6 inches deep, to prevent dogs and other predators excavators. Place ran under trees, if possible, to provide shade in summer and winter sun.

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