Rustic Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Nice Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Painted kitchen cabinet ideas – If your kitchen needs a new look, consider painting the cabinets to freshen up the room. Between dirty hands and spilled food, cabinets can easily carry down and painting is a cheaper alternative to buying replacement.

Black color scheme

Painted kitchen cabinet ideas with a blackboard color serves two purposes: It can provide a place to make shopping lists and it also offers a creative outlet for drawing and decorating. This is useful for a parent cooking in the kitchen and tries to maintain a child at the same time – just leave a piece of chalk and let the child draw on the cupboards.

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Distressed Finish

For a rustic kitchen look, anxiety your cabinets. This technique requires choosing two contrasting colors of color. Paint the bottom layer and allow it to dry, and then paint the other color. After the top layer has dried, anxiety finish with a piece of sandpaper. Rub sandpaper where the cupboards would naturally carry down, for example on the corners and around the handles. If the appearance of painted kitchen cabinet ideas is so bad for you, maybe antiqued cabinets might be a better option. This technique “wakes an age slowly look”, according to an article in this magazine Old House. To antique your cabinets, choose a solid base color, such as off-white. Dip a brush in a natural shade as brown and brush off excess color on a paper towel or cloth until the brush is almost dry. Lightly foamed edges and corner cabinet.

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