Rustic Console Table In Elegant Style

Antique Rustic Console Table

The rustic console table is ideal to give personality to a country house, but it is also ideal if you are looking for a contrast note in combination with another type of furniture. Of course, I would lean towards a simple line, a natural wood and a good finish. If it also solves an empty space and has storage capacity, better than better. It can also be interesting to rescue an old piece, even if it is used for other purposes.

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Imagine a very characteristic atmosphere of the seventeenth century in Europe, you may wonder why we ask you to move your thoughts to that particular time, because from that time we could talk about a rustic console table, besides being a time where the elegance of this furniture highlighted much more than in more rustic stages.

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We could not continue in any other way than highlighting the rustic and elegant style that has accompanied the rustic console table since its appearance. Finally, we also have to take into account suspended consoles, usually smaller, which are ideal for smaller spaces or to give a more minimalist air and usually require fewer decorative elements. We present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!