Round Dining Table Set: Perfect For Lunch And Dinner!

Formal Round Dining Table Set

Many times when we are going to furnish the dining room of our house, we go directly to the square or rectangular tables, without stopping to think that there are options. Today I want to teach you ideas to decorate our round dining table set, perfect for lunch and dinner every day and also when we have a visit. The round tables, like the square or rectangular, depending on the material they are made with, can be more of one style or another.

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Even the decorative details, the hanging lamps or the chairs with which we combine it, will make the whole more Nordic, industrial, vintage, contemporary or rustic. If you like the current style, the contemporary style , do not stop using wooden round dining table set and combine them with designer chairs. You can use the well-known plastic chairs of the Eames or also the Y-Chair. The set will be perfect.

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You can choose a design combination. Tulip table with envelope in white marble with chairs in wood. The contrast between the modern touch of the table and the warmth of the chair will surprise you. When you have very white spaces, you can make them warmer by introducing pieces of furniture in wood. Look how is this round dining table set and chairs in an environment where white are the predominant color.