Replace Wood Stair Treads

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Wood stair treads – There are a number of home staircase designs, and many reasons for changing steps. If your steps need to be replaced because of rotten and damaged wood, you can do it yourself without hiring expensive henchmen. To get started, you must remove the old treads and track the new wood to get the right measurements. When replacing the steps, choose durable hardwood materials.

Remove any trim or edge that can prevent the removal of the tread staircase. Pry up the wood stair treads. Next, remove the nails used to attach the tread by pressing the tip of the nail; in this way, the nail head to stand out for easier removal. Place the old tread staircase on the new material so you can track it. Cut the new stair tread using a power tool such as a circular or reciprocating saw. If desired, router front nose of the tread for appearance sake. To remove any imperfections, sand treads with a circular sanding with fine grit sandpaper.

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Inspect the stair stringers and remove any debris. Place the new tread on the stair stringers. Use a finish nail gun to nail the tread to the stair stringers. If you use basic nail fasteners such as brad or 6 d nails, you may need to pre-drill the holes with a drill equipped with a counter sink drill to prevent stair tread cracking. Replace the trim or edge you might have been removed. Use wood filler that is the same color as the wood stair treads to fill any nail holes; place a small amount of wood filler on your finger and wipe it over the hole.

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