Repair Leathered Granite Countertops

New Leathered Granite Countertops

Leathered granite countertops are natural stone. Like all natural materials, it means that the stone could contain small pebbles, cracks or cracks that are not immediately seen. Over time, stress on the disk due to daily use may cause these small marks to open in larger visible cracks. Then to repair your granite counter, you will need a granite repair kit that uses an epoxy base. Granite repair kit is available in several colors to match any counterclaim. Just mix the color home against achieves a perfect match.

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Repair leathered granite countertops, spray the counter where the repair will take place with granite cleaner and wipe with a cotton cloth. Be sure to remove grease, oil or dirt that may interfere with repair. Tape out to the edge of the area you want to repair with paint tape. This will keep the spartel where it should be. Among the two parts epoxy compound with the color is necessary to match your counter. Granite counters have more colors and veins all over the surface. Among a color that complements the counter, it will not have to match just being invisible

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Then to repair leathered granite countertops, spread the epoxy mixture into the crack with the supplied wooden stick.  Smooth the epoxy into place and wait for it to pay. Apply another layer so that the epoxy is flushing, or slightly over, that granite. And then remove paint tape and scratch top of epoxy repair and counter on either down with a razor blade to ensure the surface is flat. Leave the epoxy to dry overnight.