Renovate Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Wood Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Two tone kitchen cabinets – The cheapest way to renovate kitchen shutters is to paint them. But there are many options for painting kitchen cabinets that give you a choice between many unusual and unique styles.

Painting Options

Paint is an easy way to update two tone kitchen cabinets. Paint them all white or white. Or choose a color scheme and use a pair of colors. There are several ways to mix colors when painting cabinet that gives you a professionally designed look. One way is to choose a darker color for cabinet doors and a lighter color for the cabinets themselves. Another is to paint a frame around the front surface of the cabinet doors with a darker color, and paint in the middle of the doors and base cabinet a separate, brighter color. If your cabinet has a surface of wood that forms a boundary, this would be a good part to paint a different color. If not, tap a border by using target tape to provide dimensional cabinets. Pick a color scheme

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Color schemes are individual choices depending on your personal taste and style. The simplest color scheme is monochromatic, where everything is in the same color, or a small variation of that color. White is a common example for two tone kitchen cabinets, but other colors can also be used. Another option is a two-color color scheme, where both colors are basically the same color, but one is a noticeably darker version of the other. Another way is to pick two completely different colors.

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