Remove A Bathroom Cabinet With Silicone Marble Bathroom Countertops

White Marble Bathroom Countertops

To remove the silicone marble bathroom countertops, it is best to pull the cutter and spatula. It costs a little but it is the most effective. Make sure the cutter is wide blade so that you do not break the blade when applying force. The idea is to cut the silicone with the cutter and “stab” it with the spatula. Start by cutting the silicone on the base with the cutter (for the entire length and the two sides).

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When you have cut all that part, start with the spatula to cut lower. With the silicone marble bathroom countertops between the cabinet and the countertop more of the same. Cut with the cutter between the marble and the furniture. Here there are usually fewer problems because the width of the furniture is much smaller than that of the baseboard. When you have managed to cut the entire contour try to lift the countertop.

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If you want to save the countertop, recommended that you do not throw from the narrow part in front, but the wide of the sides). The silicone marble bathroom countertops that left is easy to remove. These can use the cutter knife flat against the wall (use gloves) and quiet that you will not scratch the ceramic. For the small remains of silicone that remain you can use a silicone eliminator.