Reinforce A Stained Glass Doors

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Stained Glass Doors – How to reinforce stained glass windows is something that everyone working with stained glass needs to be learned. To prevent bending and sagging for years, windows that exceed 4 square feet in total dimension need to have as much stability as possible. If the window is less than 4 square feet, the need to stabilize will depend on the design and where the window will be installed.

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The constant door opening and closing will make the window arc stained glass doors if not stable properly. Therefore, every window, no matter what size, go into the door, including the closet, needs to be reinforced. The same applies to windows that are installed as exterior windows and exposed to external elements, especially wind, or near doors that are opened and closed frequently.

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So what can you use to amplify stained glass doors windows? It’s called copper strip and works with both copper and lead foils. Copper strips are made by several manufacturers. Cascade Metals and Venture is the 2 that I realize. I always use Cascade Metal’s resto, just because it’s available where I buy my supplies. I have been using it for 20% 2B years.