Problems With Blue Granite Countertops

Popular Blue Granite Countertops Ideas

Blue granite countertops are a natural stone formed from a variety of minerals such as field spars and quartz. It is a very popular construction, tile and bench material. As it is more durable to marble but still has a rich and varied look. But if a homeowner is considering using granite in her home. She should know that granite needs to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent bacterial problems. And can fade or bite if it is not maintained.

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Granite is durable, especially against heat, but it is still a rock and can easily absorb fluids. Most liquids can be withdrawn from granite without causing permanent damage. But any acid substance will interact with blue granite countertops and permanently dye it. Acids as harmless as orange juice can create problems, which require homeowners to show extra care, even on finished granite.

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Granite can sometimes fade especially low quality dark or blue granite countertops. These granite sometimes dyed or dyed to create an even darker appearance. Which makes granite to be sold at a higher price, as darker granite tends to be more dirt-repellent. However, this will cause colored granite to gradually fade when exposed to moisture and light, leaving some parts that are lighter than others.