Popularity Of Interior Cable Stair Railing

Cable Stair Railing Indoor

Cable stair railing – just as there are different types of stairs to respond to the particular needs of each home, both in terms of their spatial needs and their design and aesthetics, the railings of these stairways must also respond to those same parameters. In any case, the design of the railing, as was the case with the staircase itself, should be intimately related to the decoration chosen from the rest of the house.

Even between rails and stairs that respond to the same style and are made of the same material, we can repair in lots of design nuances. For example, the metal railing of the image is solved with a series of cable stair railing, emphasizing the verticality and tension of these. And in this case, the railing also exerts a structural function and is what makes its design special and causes that feeling of weightlessness of the staircase.

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The cable stair railing is placed in the perimeter of this one with the objective of avoiding accidents, to improve the own security of the stairs.  Sometimes, a guardrail or safety fence is also required for the stairwell or, in short, to close access to it from the top floor. In the stairway of the image, where the starting space of the staircase is a double height zone, we find this need to protect the inhabitants of the house from falls from the top floor and for this reason the railing has its continuation in the attic.

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