Popular Stair Lifts Elevator At Home

Modern Stair Lifts Elevator

Stair lifts – Increasingly popular, we can enjoy a domestic elevator in virtually any space and with a contained investment. In addition to increasing the value of the property, installing a home elevator increases the quality of life and comfort, especially for people with reduced mobility. In fact, equipment considered until very recently of luxury can become a matter of necessity, as we grow older. The experts explain all the possibilities in terms of technology, space, investment and works.

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An elevator … in my house? Single-family homes and their ladders can become a problem over the years. An elevator multiplies exponentially both the comfort and the value of a home. Home elevators are actually elevators. What is the difference between elevator and elevator? “The stair lifts has a speed not exceeding 0.15 m / s. As they are not subject to the same standards as elevators, they pose lower requirements for their installation.

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The lack of space has long ceased to be a problem when deciding on a stair lifts elevator in the home. The market offers a multitude of solutions, from the most traditional hydraulic to the electric ones, passing by the latest pneumatic elevators or the alternatives of elevation in front.

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