Pop Up Kitchen Sink Installation

Default Kitchen Sink Installation

Kitchen sink installation draws the small device called a pop-up plug to block water in the sink. The plug can be closed by pulling up a lever on the back of the zinc. This lever attaches a rod under the sink that controls the rise and drop of the plug. Pop-up sink repair means removing the plug so that you can clean it or replace if necessary.


Place the bucket below the curved part of the drainage line. Release the couplings on each end of the P trap. Empty the water inside the bucket. Follow the horizontal pull lever from the bottom of the kitchen sink installation where it meets the vertical lifting rod for the pop-up drain. Where two connect there should be a wing nut that holds them together. Unscrew the wing nut and pull the rod away.

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Screw the clutch on the tailpiece that holds the lever for pop-up sewers in place. Pull out the lever and clutch from the tail bit. Put the end of the toilet bowl into the final article. This will pop up the pop-up plug in the kitchen sink installation above. Use a brush to remove any gunk or hair from the stopper. If the plug is cracked or broken, replace it with a new one. Insert the new or repaired plug into the drain. Keep it clipped open with a small block of wood.

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