Perfect Counter Height Dining Table

Bar Counter Height Dining Table

If what you are looking for in your dining room is a standard dining table, you will start by asking yourself about the shape (square, rectangular or round) and the appropriate table measurements. These are important aspects, but the counter height dining table is essential for the comfort of diners. This is because the dining table height is crucial for ergonomics that those who are going to sit around it.

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The standard height of a dining table should be around 70-75 centimeters so that the legs can go well under it. The usual thing is that the measurements of a dining table are standard, but we can also see that the counter height dining table is adjustable. That is, the height of the surface can be raised or lowered depending on the needs of each moment.

It is not usually mentioned, but it is also important the height of the lamp on the dining table, which will not have to be too high, nor so low that it bothers the diners. While the counter height dining table is important, so will the height of the chairs. In the case of a standard dining table, the chairs that accompany it must be between 45 and 50 centimeters high.

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