Multi Slide Doors And Glass Pocket Doors

Stained Glass Pocket Doors Antique

Glass Pocket Doors – It seems you can barely build a house with more than 5000 SF again without including a multi-slide door. The once fancy is now almost a necessity. This happens so that more and more consumers want to update their existing homes with this product. Their popularity cannot be denied so I feel the best way to discuss this door is in terms of pros and cons. Then, your homeowner can decide whether the decision is right for you or not.

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Usually, glass pocket doors are such a large opening that it needs to be made of aluminum to make such large openings. As you probably know, aluminum is not very energy efficient. Also having a large part of your house into the glass will also require more energy to heat and cool it than if there is only wall space there. However, luckily the glass is getting more energy efficient at all times, and there are some low-sunglasses available that perform very well.

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Difficult to Install – This is one project I would highly recommend you hire a licensed contractor to install. Most manufacturers only sell products as installed units because of the difficulty of installing them; they require all installers to become trained factory employees. Even manufacturers that do not install, usually require vendors to licensed glaziers. That’s the article about glass pocket doors.