Movable Kitchen Island Ideas

White Movable Kitchen Island

Movable Kitchen Island – In style, the kitchen island also gives variety to the appearance of the kitchen. It can advantageously get the main role in the kitchen interior with different style, color or material in the slots and / or countertops.

Example: in black, it becomes a graphic element in an otherwise white and stylish kitchen. With hookers above hanging pots and cooking utensils, you create a restaurant kitchen feel. A common mistake is to squeeze a large movable kitchen island into an already existing kitchen. To check which dimensions are required are a and o. It should be 113-130 cm to the other cabinets. Two people can move in the kitchen, and the dishwasher and all the doors can be opened. In the case of a stove top, there should be a clearance area of ​​approximately 40 cm on each side. One should also think about creating – or preserving, if you are building a kitchen island in existing kitchen – a functioning working triangle between sink, stove and refrigerator / pantry.

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The movable kitchen island can be packed full with function, such as a refrigerator or dishwasher, open shelf for everyday porcelain and cutlery, a box of spice storage, wine shelf, bookcase for cookbooks, brackets and wire baskets on the side of the cookware for kitchen towels and kitchen towels. You can combine cabinets, over cases, drawer curtains and shelf sections and frame everything with decorative discs. Thorough preparation is required to draw water, sewers and fan ducts to the kitchen island. Only stove top and carbon filter fan are an easier installation.

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