Modern Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Amazing Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinets – Over time kitchen cabinets can look dated, worn and ugly. Replacing kitchen shutters can cost thousands of dollars, making new cabinets out of reach for many homeowners. Homeowners who want a new look for less cost can flatter their kitchen cabinets themselves. Knowing the basics of the facade a kitchen cabinet can help.


Remove cabinet doors and drawers with a screwdriver. Remove hinges and other hardware from the cabinet. Use a kettle and hammer to remove any casting that may be on the cabinets. Wipe the cabinet with a cloth and soapy water. This will help remove all grease or dirt forms the cabinet. Allow the cabinet to dry completely. Fill any recesses in modern kitchen cabinets and a filler box, and then use 150-grit sandpaper to grind the cabinets. The entire cabinet should be smooth, as all major bumps or recesses will show when tabs are applied. Wipe the sawdust with a damp cloth and allow the cabinet to dry completely.

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Measure and cut cut-to-size plywood slices. Attach the cut-to-size panels to the side of the modern kitchen cabinets by applying the adhesive on the back of the plywood panel. Place the panel on the side of the cabinet, and then attach the plywood panel to the closet with the finishing nails. If the panel is not level with the front of the cabinet, you must sand so the two drive smoothly.

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