Making Wine Bottle Rack

Best Wine Bottle Rack

Wine bottle rack can provide a convenient, attractive way to display and store bottles of wine, from special vintages you save a great event to favorite varieties for everyday use. Buying a decorative metal wine rack or installing a wall-mounted rack can be expensive or complicated. Fortunately, you can make a beautiful, expandable wood wine rack using affordable materials and some basic tools and carpentry skills.

Wine bottle rack, cut side support rails and wine. Cut the board to create four pieces 12 inches long and 6 feet high. These are your side supports. Then cut the remaining board in half both in length and width, giving you four boards 24 inches long and 3 inches tall. These boards will become your wine rails.

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Make wine bottle rack, cut grooves. Use a jigsaw, scrolling saw or a table saw and dado set to create two notches in each long side of each board. Each cut should be an inch from a corner, 3/4 inch deep and 3/4 inch wide. These slots allow you to place two wine rails on two side supports, creating a rectangle of wood that is strong and stable. Each rectangle can serve as a stand-alone wine rack or stack atop another rectangle to accommodate more bottles.

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