Making Rolling Kitchen Cart From A Kitchen Cabinet

Wood Rolling Kitchen Cart

Rolling kitchen cart is a gift for busy cooks who need more work space and storage in the kitchen. After a quick trip to the home improvement shop you will be about to do a rolling kitchen wagon. Refrain from sawing wood, grinding, clamps and finishing work by starting with a finished kitchen cabinet unit. If you can use a drill, you can turn the cabinet into an attractive rolling cart.


Purchase wheels made of the right material for your type of floor. Which are made to hold the weight capacity of the cabinet and the items to be stored in the rolling kitchen cart? For example, if you use a heavy cabinet made of real wood and store a large kitchen machine inside it, wheels or wheels must keep underweight. Cut a piece of 2 inches with 2-inch wood on the measured length. Apply the wood threading along the ends of this wood support piece.

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Set wood pieces, glue down to the side of the cabinet bottom. Mark the points where the rolling kitchen cart wheels or castors are mounted at each corner of the cabinet bottom. Drill 1/4 “depth starting whole for wood screws. Place the first wheel on a starting hole and screw it down using the drill. Fit the remaining castors to the cabinet. Put the cabinet back upright. Place the towel bar – which will form a pulling truck pull handle – at a comfortable height against one side of the cabinet. Measure and mark the side of the cabinet using the holes on the towel bar as a guide.

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