Making Jabot Curtains By Yourself

Jabot Curtains 63 Inches

Jabot curtains pattern is basically fabric panels that are cascading down on each side of the pleats in window. The placement of the jabot is mounted over the center swag on such a narrow board which is cut in the same width of the window. That whole thing is then placed or mounted right above the window itself. The measurement of the jabot is very dependable on the size of the window and also the amount of lining that you are going to show on the final result of the jabot itself.

Making Jabot Curtains

You can actually making the jabot curtains pattern by yourself in just a couple of easy steps. Begin by arranging the fabric on a work surface having long edge to form the right top edge of the jabot. Create a mark on top of the fabric that will follow the board of wood on the wall. Just right below the line, fold the fabric to the back in the same width as the pleats. Once the folding process is done as you preferred, unfold the fabric then cut the decorator fabric before lining them and sewing them all together. Once they are sewed, pleat and stitch them down along the edge of the top fabric section using zigzag stitch or a serge for maximum result.

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Installing Jabot Drapes

After you have done making the jabot curtains pattern, you can install it on your window by combining it with the swag pattern for best result. Prepare a piece of narrow board which is cut in the same width as the window. Wrap it up in fabric then secure the wrapping. First attach the swag on the board before installing the jabot after that. Once you are sure that they are all in place as you preferred staple them to secure the jabot and swag on your window.

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