Make A Dog Cot Bed From A Baby Mattress

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Dog cot bed – Dogs are man’s best friend and take care of a dog is part of owning the dog. Provides a comfortable sleeping not only gives a dog rest, but it also makes the dog a space of their own. Another advantage is to keep dogs off furniture. To make a dog cot bed of a baby mattress is a simple project that can save money on a dog cot bed.

Measure the baby mattress. Use a tape measure and measure all dimensions. Get the height, width and depth. The measurements are necessary to determine the amount of fabric for the project. Select the desired fabric. For a dog cot bed, is the ideal tool a tough and durable material that will not tear easily.

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Make a dog cot bed from a baby mattress, place the fabric on a floor or table so that the inside of the fabric faces the floor or table and the outside is up.  Slip the baby mattress out of the fabric. Sew up the sides of the fabric along the pins; remove the pins as you sew. Turn the fabric so that the inside is facing inwardly and opening out outside. Fold the fabric on the open side inwards and pin the fabric to the final stitch may close.

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